Illegal Drugs.

If you’re caught with them, you risk getting a criminal record, a fine or you could go to prison.

Having a drugs conviction can make it difficult to get a job and could mean losing a job you already have. Some countries won’t issue visas for travel to people with criminal records.

This section gives the lowdown on the legal penalties for possessing and supplying different drugs, as well as related issues like drug-driving and drug rape.

What happens if you’re under 16?
The misuse of any drug, whether or not it’s controlled in terms of the Misuse of Drugs Act, can mean you have to go to a Children’s Hearing if you’re under 16.

Possession & Supply

Find out the difference between possession and supply.

Drug Driving

Lots of drugs can affect your ability to drive safely including some over-counter medicines and many prescribed drugs.

Drug Rape

Willingly taken or not, one danger of drugs is that they reduce people’s ability to sense when a situation isn’t safe.