Do you have a friend or a loved one who takes drugs?

If you are going to talk to your kids or friends about their drug use, you should always try and find out what he or she thinks – and listen.

Some people suffer in silence, thinking their parents or friends won’t understand their problems. It’s critical that you hear what they have to say so you can understand their problems and point them in the right direction. But, ultimately, you shouldn’t feel like you have to take on the problem yourself. There are a range of people you can talk to and services available that offer support.

To talk to someone call the Know the Score Helpline on 0333 230 9468.

To find help and support in your area, check our directory of services.

Worried about a friend?

Tips on talking to friends about drugs and how you can help them.

Worried about your child?

What you can do if you’re concerned about children or teenagers and drugs.