12 July 2013

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Police Scotland and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde issued a series of drug warnings on the 8th, 9th and 10th of July 2013 over the dangers of pills being sold as ecstasy in Scotland that have been shown to contain dangerous chemicals, including the highly toxic drug PMA.

Police Scotland are currently investigating a number of deaths which have occurred over the last two months where the victims appeared to have ingested what they thought was an ecstasy tablet but actually contained toxic stimulants. Emergency doctors joined police in issuing the warning following a rise in the number of drug related deaths in young people.

Police Scotland warned that green tablets with Rolex Crown logos and green tablets with Heineken logos have been found to contain PMA. Police previously warned of other tablets being sold as ecstasy which included a white tablet which has the Mitsubishi logo imprinted on it. The pill was found to contain the potentially dangerous chemical, 5IT or AMT. Police are also warning of a yellow tablet with a star logo imprinted on it containing a toxic stimulant, PMA.

Advice from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is that it is essential that users treat all pills with suspicion as there is no visual way to tell the contents of your pills.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary Senior Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine, Dr Richard Stevenson said “People are coming into A & E who have taken what they believe to be ecstasy but in some cases the drug is actually something else containing a highly toxic chemical formula which is proving lethal.”

Advice from doctors and drug workers is clear, if you begin to feel unwell after taking any drug whether you think it is ecstasy or not, you should seek immediate medical help.

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