Drug misuse affects people in many different ways.

Here you can read real-life stories from people affected by drugs including a clubber, a dealer, a recovering user, family members and drugs workers. All of them decided to speak out in order to help others understand the issues involved.

Their stories were collected by workers from the Dundee Peer Education Project and are part of the publication ‘Writing to Reach You’.

A Clubber’s Story

A few friends and myself were gearing up for a massive event at a Glasgow club...read more

A relationship with alcohol

I started drinking when I was 8. But alcohol was just the start of it...read more

A Friend’s Story

He was 13 when he started experimenting with drugs - it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time...read more

A Brother’s Story

Good looking, funny, clever, witty and popular - things people used to think about my brother...read more

A Bubbles Story

I regard myself as pretty social and was happy drinking and partying at the weekend...read more

A Prison Story

Drugs could land you in prison. Read what it's like...read more

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About Dundee Peer Education Project (DPEP)

Since 2000, DPEP has linked with schools and communities, developing and delivering peer led approaches to tackle issues relating to drugs, smoking and alcohol across Dundee.

In 2012, DPEP integrated with The Corner Health, Information and Peer Led Services to create Healthy Transitions @ The Corner – a permanently funded, city-wide approach to peer led work in schools and communities.

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