It’s a fact that many people use drugs. Some people use them only on occasion and other people find they cannot get through the day without taking a drug or in fact many drugs.

Some people manage to take drugs without suffering any negative side effects but in reality those people are few and far between, it’s much more common for drug use to bring about their fair share of problems.

It’s common to form a dependence on your drug of choice and it’s possible to become addicted to any drug. Some people suffer from extreme reactions, and unfortunately some people die as a result of their drug use. Drugs can also trigger mental health problems like psychosis, anxiety or depression.

There’s no way of knowing who will be affected like this or when – especially when nobody can be really sure what they’re getting when buying drugs. And of course, if you get caught with drugs, you risk getting a criminal record, a fine or going to prison. 

Given the trouble drugs can cause – for relationships, your health, with the law, work, study and money – it pays to know the facts. That way, you can make your own mind up and help others around you make better choices.